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We need your help to make the EPIDOGS project become a reality.

​On this first stage we are building an international database of alerting dogs. We also would like owners of non-alerting dogs to participate so we can try to find differences between alerting and non-alerting dogs.

​If you own a dog -whether it’s a service dog or a pet dog- and have been diagnosed with epilepsy, or you are a parent/legal representative of a child or a person with a learning disability and epilepsy, we would be really grateful if you could dedicate some time to fill in our questionnaire.

​Please, before starting the questionnaire, be sure that you have read and understood the privacy and confidentiality conditions. You can read our informed consent here. A pdf version can be also downloaded in the following link 

Questionnaire for epilepsy patients older than 18 years

Questionnaire for parents of children with epilepsy

Questionnaire for legal representatives of epilepsy patients with intellectual disability

We may need some more help in the future. Please come back to the website and don’t forget to follow us in Twitter and Facebook to learn more about future stages of our research.

Thank you!

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